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Examining NASCAR’s murky future at Texas Motor Speedway

Texas Motor Speedway's future is in question while NASCAR and IndyCar push for a change to happen. What is next for the venue and what track change could occur?

Austin Konenski
NASCAR: All-Star Open
John David Mercer-USA TODAY Sports

Every series in NASCAR races at Texas Motor Speedway and it has been controversial for many years. Now, it appears that some sort of change is coming as pressure builds from the venue’s main attractions.

Let’s examine the murky future of Texas Motor Speedway for NASCAR.

NASCAR and the NTT IndyCar Series possibly pushing for change

NASCAR: All-Star Race
John David Mercer-USA TODAY Sports

Both NASCAR and the NTT IndyCar Series compete at Texas Motor Speedway and needless to say, they are not happy with the new repave as it has created a lack of competition at the track.

The NASCAR Cup Series brought the NextGen cars to the venue for its annual All-Star Race for a second consecutive season and it was a very poor showing when it comes to competitiveness from the sport’s top drivers.

Unlike many other tracks over the course of the 2022 season, track position was very, very important as it was difficult to pass other drivers. This created a scenario where Team Penske was able to hold its position despite not having the best vehicles.

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On the other side of the spectrum, the NTT IndyCar Series has seen a drop in its racing at Texas Motor Speedway due to the repave. It used to have multiple grooves but the number of lanes has shrunk.

One of the major reasons is due to NASCAR running the track with PJ1 applied on the surface. It is now unable to be removed from the pavement and that has caused racing to truly drop.

Sports Business Journal’s Adam Stern talked about Texas Motor Speedway in an interview with NASCAR SiriusXM Radio.

“Clearly something needs to change at Texas. That’s obvious. It’s not just NASCAR saying that. it’s IndyCar too. Pretty much all of their major racing series are saying “hey guys, something’s gotta change here.”

Adam Stern on Texas Motor Speedway

It’s understandable why these racing series are telling Texas Motor Speedway to make some sort of change due to the reasons stated above. While the venue itself is fantastic, the on-track action is the concern.

What’s next for the track as it looks to possibly make a change and reignite the interest of its races?

Something big might be on the way for Texas Motor Speedway

NASCAR: All-Star Race
John David Mercer-USA TODAY Sports

Texas Motor Speedway needs to change something because major racing series are pushing for it. Well, the first of what could be many changes occurred in early August when the speedway named Mark Faber as its new general manager.

Perhaps, new ideas could be brought to the table in efforts to increase interest in the speedway. A change in leadership positions is not a bad start to the process if one occurs.

While Stern didn’t say that Texas Motor Speedway would definitely make more big changes, he gave his thoughts on the idea of a change.

“Wouldn’t be shocked if something big is afoot.”

Adam Stern on a possible change at Texas Motor Speedway

If we are being honest, hopefully, something big is afoot. The racing at Texas Motor Speedway is not unwatchable. It’s just not as exciting as it should be when compared to other similar tracks.

What could they do to change the track? One idea would be to make it similar to Atlanta Motor Speedway. NASCAR could bring the superspeedway package to the track and create better racing.

However, does NASCAR really need another superspeedway track? If they move the All-Star Race away from Texas Motor Speedway, there would be eight superspeedway-like races over 36 races. That might be too much.

Another option could be to make Texas Motor Speedway a short track, similar to the proposal for Auto Club Speedway. It would be a bold move and add two more short tracks to the schedule. But, would they do it if Auto Club Speedway pulls through?

Auto Club Speedway is another track that has a murky future. Going back to Texas Motor Speedway, maybe it needs a repave to get rid of the PJ1 in the surface and a slight reconfiguration.

One thing is clear. Something needs to be changed with Texas Motor Speedway or pressure will continue to build from NASCAR and IndyCar.