Ex-Jets OL Damien Woody not a fan of Darrelle Revis’ latest comments

In a Periscope video posted to his Twitter timeline, former New York Jets offensive linemen Damien Woody had some words to say for former teammate Darrelle Revis, based on comments Revis recently made.

In the video, which went over ten minutes, Woody proclaims his respect for Darrelle Revis, calling him the “best player that I’ve ever seen.”

He shortly followed that up with “The thing that got me was… He said the New York Jets(sic) treating him or his situation with class”

Woody states that football is a “cold business… Purely results driven.”

“The National Football League was here before you, and the National Football League will be here when you’re gone.”

Woody went on to blast Revis for his play this season, saying receivers were no longer scared of the one-time great cornerback.

“When you lose leverage, when you’re not playing up to par, you don’t get to call the shots anymore… What I think Darrelle needs to understand is… your skills have eroded to the point where you’re expendable.”

Strong words from a well-respected former player who himself had his career end unceremoniously.