Eric Weddle slams Chargers after King Dunlap release

The Los Angeles Chargers are not making many folks happy these days. This includes former Chargers safety Eric Weddle, who is still very salty about his old team.

Weddle was not shy to speak out against the Chargers, who released offensive tackle King Dunlap on Monday.

Weddle departed from the Chargers before last season. He was not a happy camper about how things ended with the team he played with since 2007.

After completing his final season with the Chargers, Weddle said that the team was “dead” to him. Late towards the end of 2015, Weddle was not permitted to travel to play in the Chargers’ final game. Additionally, he was fined by the team for staying on the field at halftime to watch his daughter perform. Weddle also found out that the Chargers general manager said that he had “a lot of mileage” on him prior to being released himself.

Needless to say, it’s not hard to understand why he isn’t fond of his former team.

The 32 year-old safety got the last laugh, however. He finished his first season with the Baltimore Ravens in 2016 as the No. 1 rated safety according to Pro Football Reference.

In regards to Dunlap, perhaps the Chargers thought it best to part ways after the tackle recently violated a restraining order. He was also likely viewed as somewhat expendable after the team signed Russell Okung to a big-money deal with $25 million guaranteed.

Either way, it is clear that Weddle still harbors many ill feelings towards the Chargers’ brass. And he is clearly not afraid to voice his opinion on the matter