Enes Kanter trolls Lakers after Russell Westbrook extension

Enes Kanter

Oklahoma City Thunder center Enes Kanter is very good at this social media thing. He’s proven this over and over again during the summer.

That didn’t change in the hours following the report that Russell Westbrook had agreed to sign an extension with his Thunder team.

Knowing full well that the Los Angeles Lakers were going to show interest in the All-Star point guard if he had hit free agency next summer, Kanter took his trolling to completely new heights Thursday morning.

You really can’t get more original than that.

Kanter has a history of trolling NBA players and teams. In fact, former teammate Kevin Durant was his target earlier this summer after the forward signed with the Golden State Warriors.

Westbrook has reportedly signed a three-year, $85.7 million extension that guarantees he’ll be with the Thunder through the 2017-18 season.

So if the Lakers had any hopes of acquiring the hometown kid, they are now going to have to wait a couple years.