Emmanuel Ogbah takes shot at fans attending Browns’ 0-16 parade

By Jesse Reed

The Cleveland Browns became just the second team in NFL history to go 0-16. Fans fed up with all the losing organized a parade to commemorate the sadness, and not surprisingly one Browns player isn’t taking this well.

Second-year player Emmanuel Ogbah, a second-round pick in 2016, is downright upset. He took to Twitter Saturday morning to express his displeasure with fans who are participating in the parade, calling it a “joke.”

It’s easy to understand where Ogbah is coming from. Heck, I’d feel the same way if I were a player on that team.

That said, anyone who’s been paying attention to the Factory of Sadness the past few decades has to also commiserate with Browns fans, who haven’t had anything to cheer about in ages.

Fans who saw Ogbah’s tweet were not happy, which comes as no surprise.




This is a team that has gone 1-31 the past two years. This is a team that hasn’t won a game on Sundays since Johnny Manziel was starting. This is a team that hasn’t won a playoff game since 1994 and hasn’t won a championship since 1964.

Fans have a right to be upset, and if throwing a parade to cap off a winless season helps them blow off some steam in a civil manner, then we’re all for it.