Earl Thomas: Seahawks are James Brown of the NFL

Seattle Seahawks safety Earl Thomas used an interesting comparison when talking about his football team after their Week 1 blowout win over the Green Bay Packers (via ESPN.com).

It made me realize that we’re different,” Thomas said. “It really did, in a lot of ways. We’re in sync and we’re swarming the ball. We just have a different sound. It’s funky and nasty; James Brown-type stuff. It’s very unique.

It’s an odd comparison, but seems to make some sense. Seattle was among the most impressive teams during the opening weekend of the regular season and is considered the odds-on favorite to hoist the Lombardi Trophy this upcoming February.

The story of James Brown (The Godfather of Soul) is well known. And the backstory there is a relatively deep and dark history of domestic violence and drug use, something I am pretty sure Thomas knew nothing about before making this statement.

In an attempt not to read too much into Thomas’ comments, the All-Pro safety¬†should be relatively confident in his team moving forward. A dominating Week 1 win over a good Packers team will give a confident unit even more confidence heading into a road matchup with the San Diego Chargers this upcoming weekend.

Until then, Thomas probably should cool it with comparisons to individuals he obviously doesn’t know a lot about.

Photo: USA Today