Drew Brees Interested in Politics After Retirement?

Courtesy of USA Today Sports

New Orleans Saints quarterback Drew Brees isn’t interested in giving up the game of football at any point soon. The 35-year-old signal caller has made it clear he would like to play well past his 40th birthday.

Though,  Brees has at least thought about what he would like to do with his post-NFL life.

“I don’t know about what aspects of politics, But I could see myself involved in it at some point potentially. There are so many things I want to do, and I’m certainly not closing the door on anything,” the veteran told a local FOX station in New Orleans. “When I evaluate whatever it’s going to be, it’s No. 1, do I have a passion for it? No. 2, do I feel like I could make a difference? That’s really the things I would look at whenever I would evaluate an opportunity like that.”

Brees sure has what it takes to enter the political fray. Brees and his wife, Brittany, have been married since 2003 and have four children. The quarterback has not had one single off-field issue since he entered the NFL back in 2001. Heck, he chose New Orleans as a free agent shortly after Hurricane Katrina in large part to help rebuild the ravished region. Active in the community, and a stand-up guy, there’s no real negative when looking at a player that has been the face of his franchise for nearly a decade now.

Does this mean Brees’ mind is made up?

“My mind is not even close to being there. But, I mean, listen, am I someday no longer going to be playing football? Yeah. At some point. But I’m not thinking about that time right now.”

For the immediate future, Brees’ goal is to lead the Saints back to the playoffs and eventually contend for another Super Bowl title. But that doesn’t mean he shouldn’t be looking at a future without football. Whether that future includes politics is a completely different question.

Photo: USA Today Sports