Draymond Green on new NBA CBA: ‘That’s a heartbreaker’

By Vincent Frank

Golden State Warriors All-Star forward Draymond Green has never been one to shy away from making his opinion known. It’s what makes him one of the most colorful characters in the NBA.

Though, Green upped the ante just a tad on Wednesday by taking to social media to express his outrage over the new collective bargaining agreement.

He wasn’t happy.

We mean, Green really wasn’t happy.

We’re not too sure where Green was going with this, as he didn’t get into specifics.

The NBA and NBPA announced a tentative agreement on a new collective bargaining agreement on Wednesday. It will bring continued labor peace to the Association for the next seven seasons.

It’s also expected to give the players a 51-49 split of basketball related income (via Forbes.com).

That can’t possibly be what Green is upset about here. After all, that’s a modest increase from the current CBA.

Maybe he’s upset over the one-and-done rule remaining in place.

With both sides facing a December 15 deadline to get something worked out, we figure most are happy about this coming to a conclusion. No matter where we stand on the specifics of this, no one really wanted to see a labor strife take place during the summer.

Despite this, Green still seems to be a tad frustrated.

The always thoughtful Green might find a way to expand on this moving forward. But for now, he doesn’t appear to be a happy camper.

We will keep you updated on the specifics of the labor deal and what Green himself might have to say about it moving forward here.