Draymond Green on Kevin Durant: ‘I laughed in his face’ about Twitter faux pas

By Jesse Reed

Draymond Green is someone who might have an inkling about what Kevin Durant felt when he was busted doing some unfortunate things on Twitter. After all, Green himself was involved in an unfortunate Snapchat incident a while back. And he told reporters on Friday that Durant didn’t hesitate to laugh at him about that.

So what else could Green do when he saw Durant after the forward was busted tweeting in the third person about his decision to leave Oklahoma City (indicating he uses other accounts) but laugh at his teammate?

Not a thing.

”I laughed in his face,” Green said, per Jake Montero of KNBR.com. “I got a good laugh out of it. It’s pretty funny to me.”

Green also made it clear that, while what Durant did wasn’t exactly smart, it’s certainly not the end of the world.

”At the end of the day, they maybe weren’t the right tweets, but he sent some tweets,” Green said. “I know Kevin is a smart guy, a remorseful guy, sometimes too remorseful.”

He also intimated there’s a lesson to be learned from it all.

”We all do things in life where we’re just having fun, it’s fun for the time being and then it’s not so fun anymore,” Green said.

For what it’s worth, Durant recently came out and made it clear he understands what he did was “childish” and “idiotic.” We cannot help but agree with him on his assessment. Hopefully Durant can get over this quickly. He recently told reporters he hadn’t slept or eaten for two days after the incident.

Thankfully Durant has honest teammates like Green who’ll make sure they don’t let him off easy while at the same time keeping the mood light.