Draft problem? Russia running out of beer at the World Cup

By Vincent Frank

Sports fans drink beer. Whether it’s a tailgate here in the states or a soccer match in Eastern Europe, this is already well known.

So how is it possible that Russia didn’t plan for an influx of beer consumption during the 2018 World Cup? Unfortunately, that appears to be the case.

“We just didn’t think they would only want beer,” an unnamed waiter at a Moscow restaurant told Reuters. “There are really a lot of people in Moscow. And they are all drinking. It’s hot, and it’s football.”

What a novel concept. Soccer fans in the sweltering Russian summer heat want to drink beer, not vodka. Just an amazing realization to come to.

Sadly, there’s really not much they can do at this point. It’s taking about 24 hours for orders to be delivered, with some bars and restaurants being completely out of draft beer.

The good news for those locals having to deal with the influx of tourism and drunk fans? Russia dominated Egypt on Tuesday and is one step closer to advancing to the Round of 16. The bad news? There might not be any beer left to celebrate a potential title for the host nation.

On to Vodka.