Donald Penn got into heated confrontation with Raiders fans after Sunday’s loss

Donald Penn

The Oakland Raiders lost to the Baltimore Ravens Sunday, 30-17, and the offense struggled to do anything without Derek Carr in the lineup. One of the team’s offensive linemen, Donald Penn, was driving out of the stadium after the game when he got out of his car and approached taunting Raiders fans.

Penn, who recently held out and got a new contract, is part of an offensive line that hasn’t lived up to expectations, especially with Marshawn Lynch back there behind the quarterback. With all that in mind, it’s understandable that Raiders fans are frustrated. Though, it’s worth pointing out they clearly crossed the line of propriety in their vulgar insults towards Penn.

If you want to see the encounter, please click here. It contains language we won’t share here on the site, so be warned. One thing that we can share, however, is the fact that Penn was out of his vehicle and had to be talked down by security, who stood between Penn and the unruly fans.

It’s unfortunate that Penn was unable to simply stay in his car and drive away. Thankfully he didn’t do anything worse than approach them and get into some heated dialogue. It could have been much, much worse.