Dolphins’ owner must pay NFL for Super Bowl LIV tickets in his own stadium

Vincent Carchietta-USA TODAY Sports

As ticket prices for Super Bowl LIV skyrocket, Miami Dolphins owner Stephen Ross can feel the financial pain of fans attending the game. That’s because despite owning Hard Rock Stadium, the NFL is making Ross pay for his own suite for Super Bowl LIV.

While one might think the owner of a stadium might be able to get into the game for free, that doesn’t fly with the NFL. So, despite the biggest sporting event of the year being held in his stadium, Ross will have to shell out money for his own tickets.

This might explain why Ross was so fired up when he met with reporters this week. The Dolphins’ owner fired back at the slightest suggestion that the team pursues Tom Brady this offseason. Ross also shot down the idea of him selling the team by letting Dolphins fans know he will own the team until he dies.

We won’t fault Ross for being upset. Plenty went wrong for the Dolphins in 2019 and it seems things aren’t getting any better with Ross losing money just to watch the Super Bowl.