Deshaun Watson: Trubisky going first would be ‘slap in the face’

Can Deshaun Watson separate himself from the pack at the combine?

Deshaun Watson is coming off a championship season with his former Clemson Tigers team. He has the most experience of any top-end quarterback in the 2017 NFL Draft. He has championship pedigree. And he wants to win at least six Super Bowls, surpassing Tom Brady as the greatest of all-time.

There’s a whole heck of a lot going on there. And for Watson’s part, he’s not really happy about the talk of Mitch Trubisky being selected over him in the first round on Thursday night.

As to where Watson has the highest floor of any quarterback in the class and is the surest bet, teams are banking on Trubisky’s untapped potential. It’s really all about what teams look for in a quarterback prospect.

Surely, there’s a chance that Watson will go before his counterpart from North Carolina. But that seems highly unlikely at this point. If so, this will lead to Watson playing with a relatively huge chip on his shoulder while making the teams who passed up in him pay big time.