Derek Fisher Out as Candidate for Los Angeles Lakers Job?

Current Oklahoma City Thunder guard Derek Fisher has been mentioned as a potential head coaching candidate for both the Los Angeles Lakers and New York Knicks jobs. As the two hottest vacancies in the NBA, it has been surprising that both Los Angeles and New York would target a candidate with absolutely zero coaching experience. 

A recent report from the Los Angeles Times seems to indicate that Fisher is no longer a candidate for the Lakers job. 

The Lakers have decided they need a coach with previous NBA coaching experience, which means one thing for Derek Fisher: He isn’t a candidate.

This seems to make some sense. Going into one of the highest-profile franchise as a first-time head coach might not be the best career choice for Fisher, who definitely has what it takes from a background standpoint to be a great NBA head man.

It remains to be seen whether Fisher, who seems to be atop Phil Jackson’s list of candidates for the Knicks job, is completely out of the equation in L.A. While the Lakers are turning their focus to more experienced candidates, a potential exception could be made for someone that is popular within the organization and the city.

Photo: Vivelohoy.com