Demaryius Thomas: Peyton Manning ‘has more zip’ on passes this year

Peyton Manning may be regaining some of his lost arm strength, if we are to believe Denver Broncos teammate Demaryius Thomas.

Speaking with media on Thursday, Thomas divulged an observation on this topic, per Mike Klis of 9News in Denver, saying the quarterback “seems like he has more zip” on the ball this summer than he did last season.

Funny enough, even Thomas gets that most of us likely see this quote and think, “yeah, right.”

Manning never did possess what you’d call a hose, even at the height of his career. He could always make the throws he needed to make—and on time, which is the most important aspect—but never had the kind of arm that blows NFL personnel men away.

After the array of surgeries performed on his neck, however, Manning certainly did lose some of the velocity he did have.

Clearly, as his record-breaking 2013 campaign shows, a lack of “zip” hasn’t slowed down the old quarterback in his latter years. Since coming back from injury in the 2012 season, Manning has passed for 14,863 yards with 131 touchdowns.

That said, if Manning has indeed regained some of the strength that left him post-surgery, then that can only mean good thing for Thomas and the Broncos.

Photo Credit: USA Today Sports