DeAngelo Williams on why he won’t play for the Cowboys

Courtesy of Charles LeClaire, USA Today Sports

Veteran running back DeAngelo Williams remains a free agent. At 34 years old and coming off two solid seasons with the Pittsburgh Steelers, Williams is looking for the exact right situation before he signs with a team.

Apparently, the former Pro Bowler has four teams he’s not willing to sign with. While we assume the New England Patriots are one, Williams himself has also included the reigning NFC East champion Dallas Cowboys, and his former team, the Carolina Panthers.

There’s a simple reason for this.

“Williams was a huge 49ers fan growing up and playing for the Cowboys now — even two decades later — would be unthinkable,” CBS Sports reported on Wednesday.

This makes some sense in that Williams grew up during the Cowboys-49ers rivalry of the 1990s. But we have seen other players bite the bullet and play for teams they grew up rooting against.

As it stands, the market for a 34-year-old running back isn’t exactly too appealing. If Williams does indeed move on from the gridiron, at the very least he has pro wrestling to lean on.