Dan Mullen punishing Gators for missing class in very unique way

By Jesse Reed

New Florida football coach Dan Mullen is making it crystal clear early on that he has no tolerance for his players missing classes, and he’s got a unique strategy to deal with this issue.

On Tuesday, Mullen unveiled this strategy, which was to have his team running gassers — a plan they weren’t happy about.

That Mullen implemented the old run-them-into-the-ground strategy as punishment isn’t all that unique. But here’s where it gets interesting. He ran the gassers, too.

That’s going to make an impression on players, who have to respect that kind of accountability.

Mullen has his work cut out to turn Florida into a national powerhouse again after Will Muschamp and Jim McElwain failed to do so in recent years. Clearly, he’s focusing on instituting a strong disciplinary approach early in the hopes of having it pay off in the long run.