Dallas Cowboys Top the List of Best NFL Franchises of the Super Bowl Era

According to CBS Sports, a criteria point scale was developed to determine the greatest NFL team of the Super Bowl era. As it stands right now, the Dallas Cowboys top the list as the NFL’s best franchise.

The criteria for coming to this conclusion is as follows:

Super Bowl wins (10 each)
Super Bowl losses (5 each)
Hall of Famers (3 each)
Division titles (1 each)
All-time winning percentage (points are the reserve of their Super Bowl-era ranking)

How exactly did the Dallas Cowboys find themselves atop the list?

1. The Dallas Cowboys scored a total of 164 points.

Super Bowl wins: 50
Super Bowl losses: 15
Hall of Famers: 45
Division titles: 22
All-time winning percentage: 32

Throughout the Super Bowl era, Dallas possesses the best regular season winning percentage. They are also tied for second with five Super Bowl victories and eight overall championship appearances. Additionally, the Cowboys have 15 Hall of Fame players and have tallied 22 divisional titles during that span.

According to the same scoring system, the next four teams who rank within the top five are the Pittsburgh Steelers (161 points), San Francisco 49ers (129 points), Oakland Raiders (126 points), and the Green Bay Packers (124 points). The only way for the Steelers to gain the lead at this point in time would be a Super Bowl 50 appearance. How confident do we feel about that?

And while this is all lovely for the Cowboys, it has been 20 years since they were last crowned the Super Bowl champs. However, the points do show just how widespread the franchise’s accomplishments have been over a long period of time.

Dallas finished with a strong 12-4 record this past season before losing to the Green Bay Packers in the NFC Divisional Playoffs.

Photo: USA Today Images