Dak Prescott releases statement following DUI arrest

Following his DUI arrest early Saturday morning, former Mississippi State quarterback Dak Prescott released a statement to Ian Rapoport of the NFL Network, who in turn released it to the public.

Realistically, Prescott couldn’t be expected to do much more at this point. He offered up nothing that resembles an excuse and as he said, “took complete responsibility for his actions,” which is not only refreshing, but absolutely necessary if he’s going to be forgiven. Fortunately, his DUI didn’t cause anyone any bodily harm.

In situations like this, what the arrest does to Prescott’s draft stock is obviously secondary but still worth mentioning. He’s ranked by CBS Sports as a third or fourth round selection, and while this incident won’t help his standing it’s difficult to imagine that some team in that range wouldn’t take a chance on him, assuming they believe in his apology.

The responsibility is all on Prescott to show that this was just bad judgment and not a real look into his character.