Report: Cowboys ‘want Earl Thomas’

Earl Thomas has made it clear he wants to be a member of the Dallas Cowboys. It appears the Cowboys also have interest in bringing the safety into the fold in free agency.

Mike Fisher of 247Sports reports Dallas has already begun in-house evaluations on Thomas and how best to approach trying to sign him this March.

The Cowboys attempted to trade for Thomas last season before he was injured but were unable to pull the trigger on a deal.

The team still sees him as a top target, per Fisher.

“Sources close to the situation tell me that Dallas’ view of the player is unchanged, even after missing all of last season in a Seattle contract dispute, even after sustained a season-ending injury during the season, even after turning 30.”

Fisher continued by writing, “In short: The Cowboys, at a reasonable price, want Earl Thomas.”

Thomas and his wife recently enrolled their children at a school in Texas, fueling the notion that a Cowboys/Thomas pairing is inevitable. However, that’s just idle speculation. As Fisher notes the Houston Texans could also make a play, and they’re even closer to Austin, where Thomas and his family have moved to.

Still, it’s impossible to deny the mutual attraction between Dallas and the star safety who’s been dying to wear the star on his helmet since he was a child.