Cowboys attempting to preempt inevitable Roger Goodell booing at the draft

The Dallas Cowboys are hosting the NFL Draft for the first time in the modern history of the annual event. Starting Thursday evening, all eyes will be on the Big D as the league’s 32 teams add new players to their rosters.

The backdrop here is rather obvious. Much like we’ve seen throughout his tenure as commissioner, Roger Goodell can expect to be booed a great deal once the draft kicks off. The league’s decision to suspend Cowboys running back Ezekiel Elliott and a protracted legal battle that followed adds even more ammunition to this idea. .

In an attempt to preempt any potential booing, the Cowboys themselves are going out of their way to help Goodell.

“Booed in the past when taking the stage, Goodell is expected to be flanked by some Cowboys greats — Hall of Fame quarterbacks Roger Staubach and Troy Aikman, as well as probable future Hall of Fame tight end Jason Witten,” ESPN’s Todd Archer reported Thursday.

Boy, does that put Cowboys fans in a bit of a pickle. Can they really go out there and boo Goodell while some of the franchise’s greatest players are up on stage? It’s a brilliant last-minute plan from both the Cowboys and the NFL.

Whether this will lead to Cowboys fans holding back from vocalizing their feelings for Mr. Goodell remains to be seen.