Correctly Pick the First Round of the NFL Draft, Get $1 Million From the Redskins

Washington Redskins owner Daniel Snyder sure does love to throw that money around. He’s now giving you an opportunity to earn a cool $1 million if you’re able to correctly pick every single pick in the first round of next week’s NFL draft.

To take into account trades, the Redskins are actually affording you the right to miss out on final player destinations and still earn the million in cold-hard cash. All you have to do is pick where each player is going to actually be selected in the first round.

Yeah, Albert Haynesworth has a better chance of signing another $100 million contract with Washington than any of us have of getting these 32 picks correct.

Wouldn’t it make more sense for Snyder and company to just throw $1 million to everyone who guesses their first-round pick? After all, that’s probably one of the biggest question marks in the top-10 of the draft in a week’s time.

In any event, go ahead and play. No one is going to complain if Snyder has to throw millions to fans around the NFL. It sure beats the heck out of stale beer, right?

Photo: USA Today Sports