In a growing scandal that could bring the Washington Redskins to their knees, there is now some evidence that the team is selling expired beer to fans at their games at FedEx Field.

The Washington Post has learned that the team has been selling expired Budweiser beer dating back to the FIFA World Cup in Brazil. 

During Washington’s home opener in mid-September, the fine gents from Ball Hogs Radio cracked open a nice, cold, World Cup beer at FedEx Field. That wasn’t a huge deal, except for the fact that the World Cup had ended more than two months before the Redskins hosted the Jaguars.

I didn’t write anything at the time, because I figured maybe Budweiser was just planning to manufacture 2014 World Cup beer in perpetuity.

Dan Steinberg of The Post then realized that the Redskins were still selling these flat, expired and bitter beers during the team’s game against the New York Giants on Thursday night.

Steinberg then asked the fan to take a photo of the expiration date.

As if Mr. Snyder needed another reason for South Park to air a show featuring him as the greedy owner of a football team. I can just envision it now…Cartman drinking his first beer, spitting it out and throwing some expletives Snyder’s way.

World Cup beer at a Redskins game in late September? The Redskins have to be kidding us here. You can’t be a high-class organization if you’re selling this crap to your fans. Might as well go with some fresh Natty Ice and get it over with. At the very least, you’ll have some happy (drunk) hogs on your hands. Until then Mr. Snyder, you should be ashamed.

Photo: USA Today