Comedian Rob Schneider blasts 49ers’ Jed York on Twitter: ‘Please resign’

Comedian Rob Schneider spoke for the masses Sunday night when he torched San Francisco 49ers CEO Jed York on Twitter.

After the 49ers lost their eighth game of the season, falling to the Arizona Cardinals 19-13 to move to 3-8 on the season, Schneider unleashed a short burst of scathing commentary against the man most blame for the downfall of the once-proud organization.



To be fair, Trent Baalke is the general manager (and he deserves plenty of criticism as well), but we all get the point Schneider is making here, and many will agree with his assessment.

Whether it’s the decision to “mutually part ways” with former head coach Jim Harbaugh — the only man to raise the franchise out of mediocrity since the Steve Mariucci era — or the unbelievable exodus of many of the team’s top stars, York gets the blame from most 49ers fans for how the team has crumbled the past two years.

A guy who told everyone to “hold him accountable” if the team faltered, York hasn’t been around much in the public eye to be held to his own standard. Therefore, most fans are just utilizing the wondrous world of social media to blast the easy mark, but so far it seems he’s not budging from his perch high up in his tower of power.