Colts punter Pat McAfee praises Ryan Grigson firing on Twitter: ‘Thank God’

It’s safe to say Indianapolis Colts punter Pat McAfee is glad to see former general manager Ryan Grigson walk out the door.

The Colts are reportedly firing Grigson after five seasons, just weeks after giving him an extension. This news was almost immediately followed by a few choice messages from McAfee on Twitter.

A little while later, responding to someone who had responded to McAfee’s remarks with, “So funny. The punter,” he elaborated on why he’s so happy to see Grigson go.

There have been some reports of Grigson being less than cordial at times during his five-year stint as the general manager of the Colts. Just last year, he and head coach Chuck Pagano got into a yelling match after a loss and the two of them clashed often about personnel decisions Grigson made.

In the years that Grigson headed the personnel department of the Colts, he repeatedly made poor decisions and failed to stock the roster with talent on the offensive line and on the defensive side of the ball. As a result, Andrew Luck — the one good thing Grigson can hang his hat on — was repeatedly pummeled and spent a good portion of the past two years injured.

One potential solution to replacing Grigson is Peyton Manning, who is being pursued by owner Jim Irsay. Regardless of what happens next, however, we can be sure that McAfee is glad the team is finally moving on from the Grigson era.