Colts owner Jim Irsay has ‘full confidence’ in Ryan Grigson and Chuck Pagano

If it was possible to predict that the Titanic would sink, we’re pretty sure most of the passengers would have avoided the voyage altogether. Once the Titanic was hit by an iceberg (or hit the iceberg), it was too late. The passengers were doomed to sink with it.

This story, by now well known, ties very well into what’s currently happening with the Indianapolis Colts.

At 2-4 on the season and coming off an embarrassing late-game meltdown against the Houston Texans, Indianapolis is on the verge of sinking. The team finds itself in last place heading into Week 7. And in reality, heads should be rolling in Indy.

Unfortunately, that simply doesn’t seem to be the case.

How Colts owner Jim Irsay could possibly have confidence in either of these men is beyond us. As general manager, Ryan Grigson has done everything possible to ruin a good thing. By virtue of disastrous drafts and less-than-stellar free agent moves, the Colts simply don’t have enough talent on their roster to compete.

Even when things are seemingly going swimmingly, head coach Chuck Pagano finds a way to mess up a good thing (more on that here).

All the while, Grigson seems to think it makes sense to throw Andrew Luck under the bus at the same time he’s showing support for his head coach.

This comes just one day after Frank Gore was the only member of the Colts to show outward frustration over their most-recent collapse (more on that here).

Maybe it’s that type of frustration that’s needed in Indianapolis right now. After all, it appears the powers to be are okay with a fledgling football team posting two wins in six games.

How else could we explain Irsay having “full confidence” in the dumpster fire were seeing within the organization this season?