Clippers Practically Holding DeAndre Jordan Captive In His Own House

Courtesy of USA Today Images

There needs to be some sort of docudrama made about what happened around the NBA on Wednesday. It could be directed by Spike Lee with potentially Denzel Washington playing Doc Rivers and Tom Hanks playing Mark Cuban.

Because this is just plan weird.

Hours after it broke that the Clippers and their arsenal of players—driving life-sized emoji’s—were on their way to meet with DeAndre Jordan in an attempt to deter the center from signing with the Dallas Mavericks, comes this ridiculous bit of news:


The humanity.

In all seriousness, reports from close to the situation indicate that Jordan is on the brink of changing his mind and returning to Los Angeles. All NBA transactions can’t be officially announced until 12:00 a.m. ET on Thursday morning, hence the Clippers willingness to wait it out at Jordan’s house.

If Jordan were to go back on his verbal commitment to the Mavericks, it could open up a can up worms. There are even some suggestions out there that Dallas would then look to chase free agents that have already committed to other teams.

Photo: USA Today Sports