If Chuck Pagano’s Daughter Calls Home Crying, Andrew Luck is in Trouble

This of course would only happen in the case that Indianapolis Colts coach Chuck Pagano’s daughter marries quarterback Andrew Luck and something goes bad.

Coach Pagano made an appearance on “Jay Mohr Sports“, and answered the following interview questions concerning his daughter and Luck, (via Fox Sports)..

Mohr: Who’s the player you would choose for your daughter to marry?
Pagano: That’s easy, #12.
Mohr: Would you make Andrew Luck shave the neck beard for the wedding?
Pagano: No … just treat her right, and if she ever calls home crying, you’re a dead man!

There’s nothing stronger than a dad’s love and protection for is daughter. If such a marriage ever did take place, hopefully Pagano’s daughter would hold off having a wedding until Luck shaves that animal-like neck beard living under his face.

Which version of Luck do you prefer?

Luck before the animal grew under his face.

Courtesy: businessinsider.com
Andrew Luck

Luck’s animal full-grown.

Courtesy: thefumble.com
Andrew Luck

Either way, Luck better behave, or he could face this doom.

Photo: USA Today