Chris Long annihilates Twitter troll while promoting clean water charity

Chris Long

Philadelphia Eagles defensive lineman Chris Long, like many NFL players, is engaged in charitable causes when he’s not playing football. One of the causes Long is currently heavily involved in is called Waterboys, which provides clean water via wells for thousands of people in Africa.

On Thursday, Long shared a link to a site that sells T-shirts for Philadelphia sports. He made it clear he’s not receiving any of the proceeds, but one person who is obviously familiar with Waterboys wasn’t buying that.

Long saw this message and immediately responded by urging his followers to go to waterboys.org and “donate in Todd’s name for one of our ‘overpriced,’ life-saving wells.”

Like all Twitter trolls, Todd would not be denied the last word. So he naturally responded after others chimed in to defend Long and Waterboys.

Unfortunately for Todd, Long had a pretty good response to this, offering a few facts about what the mission has accomplished.


And that, dear people, is how to crush a troll.

We salute Long and the rest of the NFL players who are committed to helping people who would otherwise struggle to acquire clean water. It’s such a dire need for many in the continent of Africa. Hopefully this cause will only continue to grow in the future so more people can receive their help.