Chris Bosh will likely wait until next season for comeback attempt

Miami Heat All-Star Chris Bosh remains sidelined after his second bout with blood clots in as many years. There’s been a lot going on behind the scenes regarding Bosh and his team.

While Miami surely is concerned over Bosh’s health and how that might equate to a return to the court, it also has to take into account the financial situation here. The Heat appear to be in rebuilding mode and would love to remove his $23.7 million cap hit. The issue here is if Miami decides to do this during the season, it could force the team to have to eat a large portion of his salary should Bosh play for another team.

That’s where finding out Bosh’s plans come into play.

And according to Barry Jackson of the Miami Herald, the expectation is now that Bosh will likely wait until the 2017-18 season to make a comeback attempt in the NBA.

“According to a league-employed source connected to Bosh, the mindset at the moment is that he’s more likely to attempt a comeback next season than this season,” Jackson reported.

It’s definitely an interesting aspect of this situation. Miami has to play its cards close to the vest here in order to avoid an unnecessary financial issues regarding Bosh. And the big man himself must balance returning too early with the possibility that further absence from the court would mean the end of his Heat career.

Bosh has not suited up for a game since just prior to the All-Star break last season. His health remains the top priority here. That is what will dictate what happens between the 11-time All-Star and his team as well as Bosh’s potential return to the hardwood.