Chris Bosh

Chris Bosh has been pushing the Miami Heat to clear him for action the past few months, but a recent test revealed complications that could keep him off the court indefinitely, per Barry Jackson of the Miami Herald.

“A complication has arisen in medical tests involving Heat forward Chris Bosh, derailing his attempted comeback, according to a source.

“The complication involved evidence of some continued clotting and is believed to be related to one of two previous blood clot episodes. Those episodes sidelined Bosh after the All-Star break each of the past two seasons.”

Bosh has recently put pressure on the Heat and has been frustrated because he feels the franchise is getting in the way of his return (more on that here).

Just over a week ago, he declared himself ready for training camp, saying, “I’m ready. I’ve done all my work working with the doctors. I’m in incredible shape. I look good when I take my shirt off.”

If Bosh is still dealing with complications involving “continued clotting,” then the last thing he needs to be doing is playing pro basketball. Retirement needs to be a serious consideration.

Despite being disgruntled with the Heat in recent months, Jackson reports the forward does not intend to file a grievance with the union or make a big push to return to Miami’s roster at this time.

Whether he plays or not, Bosh is still set to earn roughly $76 million based on his last contract, though Jackson reports “there is a mechanism for the Heat to clear his substantial cap hits for the final two seasons of the contract — $25.3 million in 2017-18 and $26.8 million in 2018-19.”

With career averages of 19.2 points, 8.5 rebounds, two assists and a block per game, Bosh has been one of the most dynamic big men in the NBA the past decade-plus.