NFL insider believes Chicago Bears could net six draft picks in trade down

Boasting the most cap space in the NFL, in addition to having the No. 1 overall pick, some might say the Chicago Bears are in an enviable position. Yet, general manager Ryan Poles is also in a bit of an awkward spot, as the top player in this year’s draft class may very well be Alabama’s Bryce Young.

Being that the Bears were first-hand witnesses to Justin Fields‘ breakout sophomore season, Chicago likely won’t seriously consider making more massive changes at the top of their QB depth chart. While they are still expected to do their homework on top players at the most important position in football, few anticipate the Bears to actually select one.

To no surprise, this has many feeling like Poles could look to trade down from the top overall pick, looking to gain additional assets that can help Fields continue to develop for years to come.

In his latest podcast, ‘You Pod to Win the Game,’ Yahoo Sports’ Charles Robinson dove into the idea of the Bears trading down. With so many teams in need of starting over at the QB position this offseason, Chicago could have several suitors negotiating for the rights to make the first pick of the 2023 NFL Draft.

Here’s what Robinson had to say on his podcast:

“Seven to one, that’s an expanse, I will tell you after talking to Chicago before all the Jalen Carter stuff happened, I think Chicago’s comfort zone was to seven. I truly believe that. I think they would be comfortable moving back a few spots, maybe to the Colts, and then moving back again to the Raiders at seven and just accruing a ton of picks.”

Yahoo Sports’ Charles Robinson on Chicago Bears potentially trading down

As mentioned, teams like Houston (No. 2), Indianapolis (No. 4), Las Vegas (No. 7), Atlanta (No. 8), and Carolina (No. 9) all have desperate needs to improve at the QB position this offseason. Each could reasonably come to the conclusion that Young is their top target and suddenly be willing to pay whatever it costs to move all the way up to the top overall pick.

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NFL insider guesses Bears could land three firsts, three second-round picks

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Yet, if any team is ready to launch up the draft board, as Robinson indicates, the price won’t be a small one.

“You’re starting with three first-round picks on the table. Then what gets it done, is how many assets are you adding on top of that? Multiple second-round picks? If you’re looking at the Raiders moving to one, I think the cost comes in no less than probably six picks – three first round picks, and three second round picks.”

A total of six combined Day 1 and Day 2 picks? That’s absurd. But we see teams risking more and more to secure who they feel can be a franchise-altering player each year.

In this case, Robinson speculates if the Raiders want to move up six spots, it could mean a ridiculous amount of draft compensation heading Chicago’s way. With offers like these, it’s hard not to envision the Bears trading down. The bigger question may be, will they do so earlier or wait until they’re on the clock on April 27, hoping for an even bigger offer?

For the Bears, who don’t have their own second-round pick after sending it to Pittsburgh for Chase Claypool ahead of the 2022-23 NFL trade deadline, recovering every last bit of ammo could amount to the kind of franchise turnaround Chicago desperately needs.

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