Check out this fight between a West Virginia and Miami fan

While the Miami-West Virginia Russell Athletic Bowl was an eventful game, arguably the best battle between the Mountaineers and Hurricanes came not on the field, but in the bathrooms.

In what reads like an excerpt from a Planet Earth episode, an argument arose over who was in line to use the urinal first, involving one mountain of a Mountaineer fan exchanging choice words with a fiery Hurricane fan during the Hurricanes 31-14 win over no. 16 West Virginia.

At one point, the Mountaineer fan, a very imposing and angry male, threatened to pee on the smaller and more timid Hurricane fan in a display of dominance, going so far as to fumble with his shorts.

The smaller Hurricane, no doubt reacting to his natural fight or flight response, attempted to initially defuse the situation before punching the larger predator in the jaw.

Upon the realization that he did little to injure the larger male, let alone stun the man, the Hurricane fan took flight from the confines of the bathroom.

The Mountaineer, no doubt shocked that the smaller, weaker male fought back, chased after him but failed to catch the Hurricane fan.

Mountaineer ended the altercation by yelling about some choice words regarding fornicating the Hurricane into submission.

You can watch the very graphic, and quite frankly hilarious, video here courtesy of TMZ sports.