Chargers, Raiders and Cowboys favored to land Tom Brady

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Six-time Super Bowl champion Tom Brady would not commit to returning to the New England Patriots following their surprising AFC Wildcard loss to the Tennessee Titans Saturday night.

There’s been a lot of rumors that Brady is unhappy about how the Patriots have handled his contract situation.

Now set to become a free agent and without the possibility of being handed the franchise tag, one of the greatest players in NFL history will test free agency.

It’s in this that Vegas is already coming out with odds on who will land the future Hall of Famer.

Some of the teams at the top of the list can’t be seen as terribly surprising. Others are absolutely shocking.

Let’s break it down some by team, shall we?

  • Raiders: Tom Terrific in Las Vegas? Who says no? That would be the story of the young NFL decade. Just imagine him ushering in a new era of Raiders football in the desert metropolis. Moreover, the Raiders are likely to move on from Derek Carr this offseason.
  • Cowboys: Even more so than Las Vegas, the idea of Brady going to America’s Team to save a sinking ship could end up being legendary. By virtue of Dallas hiring veteran coach Mike McCarthy, this becomes even more likely. The only issue here is Mr. Dak Prescott. Would Jerry Jones really give up on that potential long-term option?
  • Colts: We already know that Indianapolis is potentially set to target Philip Rivers. The team is not sold on Jacoby Brissett after he struggled down the stretch last season. With a roster capable of contending, adding a veteran makes sense. The question here is who Chris Ballard thinks is a better option between Brady and Rivers.
  • Panthers: Fresh off hiring Baylor’s Matt Rhule and handing him an absurd contract, it sure looks like Carolina will be swinging for the fences this offseason. We previously covered why Rhule would be a godsend for Cam Newton. However, there’s a chance owner David Tepper and Co. go in another direction with Brady.
  • Browns: What a storybook ending it would be for Brady if he were to go to Cleveland and lead that long-downtrodden organization to a title. Just think about the backstories, including Bill Belichick’s checkered history with the Browns. The presence of Baker Mayfield makes this highly unlikely.
  • Buccaneers: Tampa head coach Bruce Arians made it clear that the team will be looking at outside options after Jameis Winston’s historically bad 2019 campaign. Someone who values veteran quarterbacks, it’s not surprising to see Arians linked to Mr. Brady. This makes sense.

Bottom line

In the end, we’re fully expecting Brady to move on from the Patriots. That ship has apparently sailed. Where he ends up will be the story of the NFL offseason.

Of those seen as Vegas favorites to land the all-time great, the Raiders and Cowboys have to be seen as the best options from a pure drama and entertainment standpoint.

Even then, it seems that Vegas is favoring the Chargers. This would enable Brady to play in the nation’s second-largest media market while opening a brand-new stadium.