Carson Palmer Enters the Social Media World in an Epic Manner

By Rachel Wold

Arizona Cardinals quarterback Carson Palmer finally caught up with the modern times by joining social media.

This was Palmer’s epic first post to his Instagram account:

For those not familiar with the picture, it comes from Fox’s smash-hit show “Last Man on Earth.” We have to give Palmer an “A” grade for his cleverness, wit and creative Photoshopping skills. Palmer already has drawn 10,700 followers on Instagram since he opened his account.

In case you are wondering about Facebook, Palmer took care of setting up a page for himself with the same photo and caption.

Ever so popular, Palmer already has over 30,000 likes on his page.

The one social media outlet he doesn’t appear to have joined yet is Twitter. We wish Palmer good luck with his worldly interactions. It’s not always a family-friendly environment out there as Palmer will probably come to realize once the official NFL season gets rolling.

Photo: Instagram