Cam Newton should sign with which AFC team? HOF QB chimes in

Cam Newton Carolina Panthers NFL

After being released by the Carolina Panthers last month, former NFL MVP Cam Newton is still waiting for his second chance in free agency.

Recently, we dove into the best options left for Newton now that the market for his services has shrunk with quarterback-needy teams having already filled the void. One of those teams, the Jacksonville Jaguars, is the prime choice of Hall of Fame quarterback Warren Moon, who thinks Newton should sign with the franchise.

“They have Gardner Minshew there as their starter, who is not really a solidified starter in this league yet,” Moon told TMZ Sports. “So, I still think there‚Äôs an opportunity for maybe Cam to go to a Jacksonville and be a starter there.”

Moon also qualified this statement by saying Newton’s health would have to be confirmed first.

And of course, that’s the main reason he’s still unsigned. Teams cannot properly evaluate his health at this time due to the COVID-19 pandemic, which has pretty much locked the NFL down like all the other pro sports in America for the foreseeable future.

It’s been widely reported that Newton will likely not sign with any team until after the 2020 NFL Draft. And given the fact that NFL doctors won’t be performing any physicals until the coronavirus crisis has passed, it may be significantly longer than that before Newton lands a new deal.

Whenever it does happen, though, Jacksonville makes a ton of sense.