Buffalo Bills issue statement after Jake Fromm’s text messages, apology

Jake Fromm text messages
Trevor Ruszkowski-USA TODAY Sports

Buffalo Bills fifth-round pick Jake Fromm found himself in some hot water earlier on Thursday after a text message conversation with a friend became public record.

Fromm told said friend that guns should be made “very expensive so that only elite white people can get them.”

During this era of racial divide in the United States, said remarks hit home big time for a lot of Americans.

Fromm did issue an apology.

But that doesn’t change the overall theme of the issues surrounding the original message.

George Floyd protests

Fromm’s remarks come as millions around the United States continue to protest the murder of an African-American man by the name of George Floyd at the hands of a then-Minneapolis police officer last week. They also come as many around the sports world continue to speak out against racial injustice in the United States.

Drew Brees’ comments

Not to be lost in all of this are the remarks this future Hall of Fame quarterback made earlier in the week, indicating that kneeling for the national anthem as a way to protest is disrespectful. He’s faced a ton of backlash from those around the football world, star Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers included.

Buffalo Bills’ statement on Fromm’s comments, apology

Buffalo released a statement on Thursday stemming from the comments its rookie fifth-round pick made earlier in the day. It was a pretty generic statement in the grand scheme of things.

While Fromm made a joke in a private conversation that was not intended to become public record, it does speak to his lack of maturity on many levels.

It’s also not the greatest message for a young quarterback entering a league that’s going to see a whole new level of divisiveness relating to race this coming season.

At the very least, he acknowledge the conversation and responded in kind. That’s a tremendous first step. As for the Bills, they obviously intend on keeping their commitment to the rookie from Georgia.