Brandon Marshall Says Bears Need to “Gel and Do Some Kumbaya”

By Rachel Wold

Chicago Bears wide receiver Brandon Marshall, who was placed on season-ending IR a couple weeks back after suffering a collapsed lung, has never been shy when it comes to speaking about his team.

Talking about the Bears’ late-season demise, his relationship with his teammates and personal relationships off the field, Marshall had this to say (via

We really have to gel together and really try to do some Kumbaya in the offseason.

Marshall further went on to say…

This is just part of our season right now and it’s sad. You don’t want this to happen, it can’t happen, but we’re all so frustrated. Sometimes people do things and say things that they regret, I think this is one of those things for Kromer. Unfortunately, it’s at the hand of Jay Cutler taking a nice little lashing and our team now, but we all have our relationships with guys outside of our building … we talk to our wives, our friends, even the mailman sometimes. If you get too emotional, you say the wrong things, unfortunately it can get back to the wrong person or right person.

Most people would probably say the Bears need to do even more than kumbaya during the offseason to shake off their terrible funk. Marshall’s comments come on the heels of finding out that their offensive coordinator admitted to being the anonymous source who trashed Jay Cutler.

At 5-9 on the season, Chicago currently sits in last place in the NFC North. With major changes likely occurring in the coaching department, and perhaps with some of the team itself, the Bears will just have to sweep this gruesome season under the rug and look to move on to what will be an extremely active offseason.