Brady/Belichick Lego artist opens up about 100-hour project

On Monday, an amazing Lego mural took social media by storm. It cleverly shows New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady, yet evolves into head coach Bill Belichick as a viewer walks past it.

Now that everyone has had their fill of this incredible masterpiece, local artist Rob Surette has shared some details as to how that bunch of Legos transformed into this work of art.

First of all, it took 22,500 Legos and some school kids from Brown Elementary, who helped Surette, over 100 hours to complete the project.


Though, the interesting thing is Sourette said the kids were clueless as to what they were creating.

“It would distract the project if they knew what it was,” Rob said, per Angelique Fiske of the Patriots official website. “Lastly, when we unveiled the wow factor we got was really incredible. As I slowly unveiled the side where they could see Bill Belichick, they clapped, and as I slowly kept moving it and rotating and they went crazy when they saw the Tom Brady side. They didn’t understand how is that possible. It’s Legos. It’s not a video screen. I rotated it back and forth about 10 times, and it got louder and louder. They wouldn’t stop. It was one of the greatest moments of my career.”

Sourette even went on to reveal that he had to paint some of the Legos so it would not look like Brady “had a bad sunburn.” Insert chuckle here.

Patriots fan or not, most would agree this is a pretty phenomenal artistic effort by Sourette. As for the live version of Brady and Belichick, they will travel to Kansas City to take on the Chiefs in the AFC Championship Game on Sunday evening.