Boomer Esiason: Browns would be undefeated with Tom Brady

The Cleveland Browns sit at 0-12, and realistically, can finish the season with an 0-16 record. But former league MVP Boomer Esiason believes that with Tom Brady as Cleveland’s quarterback, the team would be undefeated.

Speaking on Inside the NFL, Esiason said (h/t John Breech, CBS Sports) that “I don’t think he’d put up with what we’re watching, and what we’re watching is quarterbacks getting slaughtered. Their quarterbacks don’t have the voice or the credibility to hold their coaches accountable.”

In an interview with The Sports Hub in Boston, Esiason elaborated.

“I said (the Browns) were going to be undefeated,” the NFL analyst said. “Now, I said that for a reason, I tried to emphasize what I believe is the greatest quarterback of all-time and how he impacts the entire team, and I can tell you one thing, first and foremost, that he’s not going to take any crap from the coaching staff.”

There is no doubt that the Browns would be a better team with Tom Brady under center. They might even be a playoff team. But Esiason’s argument is missing one obvious point.

The New England Patriots aren’t undefeated with Brady at quarterback. New England sits at 10-2 overall and 7-1 in Brady’s eight starts. Both are fantastic records. Neither record is unblemished.

So, if we keep following down that road, Esiason is basically saying that, aside from the quarterback position, the Browns have a better team than the Patriots. He also seems to be saying that Hue Jackson and his coaching staff would be better than Bill Belichick’s in New England.

Normally, we could grant some room for hyperbole. Unfortunately, in the same discussion, Michael Irvin said that the Browns would be “9-2 or 8-3” with Brady. Esiason made a point to trump that argument.

Brady is a fantastic quarterback. If he’s not the best quarterback of all-time, he’s in the discussion with a group of players that could be counted on one hand with room to spare.

Cleveland certainly has issues at the quarterback position. Brady would solve those. But Esiason seems to be implying that this team’s only weakness is at quarterback. That’s simply not true.

Brady would make the Browns a better team. After all, he’s a legendary quarterback who doesn’t show any signs of slowing down. But to say he’d be leading them to an undefeated record? As great as Brady is, he’s not a miracle worker.