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Bob Myers steps down from Golden State Warriors’ role as team president and GM

Bob Myers may be the architect behind the Golden State Warriors’ four NBA championships from 2015 to 2022, but he no longer has the desire to continue in his current role as team president and general manager of the team.

According to ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski, Myers is stepping down from his post with the Warriors. Myers simply said, “It’s just time.” Technically, Myers’ contract was set to expire in June. Despite the Warriors reportedly making him an offer that would make Myers one of the highest-paid GMs in NBA history, he declined.

Myers won two Executive of the Year awards during his 12-year tenure with the Dubs after being hired as the assistant general manager back in 2011. Now, he’s unsure of what’s next for his future. Being that Myers is still just 48 years old, it’s possible he someday decides to return to the league. If so, he’s likely to become one of the most desired front office executives in the NBA.

Many likely have questions for Myers and for the Warriors, such as where the organization plans to turn next. Myers will address the media in a press conference scheduled for 4 PM ET later today.

While the news comes as a bit of a surprise after experiencing so much success, Myers did let several players and other members of the franchise know about his decision ahead of time so they weren’t caught off-guard.

The Warriors have an extremely talented and accomplished roster, but they also have massive bills to pay on their luxury tax next season if they keep most of the core together. Now figuring out those salary cap headaches will be someone else’s problem, instead of Myers having to deal with it.

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