Bills tweet out ‘clarification’ response regarding Richard Sherman dirty hit

As we’ve seen seemingly countless times before, the Seattle Seahawks won a close prime-time game in which the referees involved most definitely screwed up in their favor. This happened on Monday night when the Buffalo Bills watched Richard Sherman issue a dirty hit as he went right at the knees of kicker Dan Carpenter, only to not be called for unnecessary roughness.

It was a critical moment in the game that ended up costing the Bills at least three points (more on that here).

In response to the ridiculous no-call, the Bills tweeted out a “clarification” on what exactly unnecessary roughness entails.

Carpenter was lucky to not suffer catastrophic damage to his plant leg on this play. Sherman most definitely charged into his legs on purpose. There was not even an attempt to go for the ball whatsoever after he jumped way offsides in the first place.

The Seahawks ended up winning the game by just six points, and there were other questionable calls in this game that favored the home team.