Bill Romanowski: ‘The Raiders are potentially a better team with Matt McGloin’

The injury to Derek Carr seems to be a gigantic wrench in the Super Bowl plans of the Oakland Raiders. But one former Raider doesn’t see it that way. In fact, in an interview with 95.7 The Game in the Bay Area, Bill Romanowski said that he thinks Oakland is a better team with Matt McGloin.

Romanowski still has a connection to the Raiders. So, he realistically can’t say anything like “with no Derek Carr, the Raiders have no chance.” And in reality, that may not even be true. But this argument is a stretch.

When we really break this down, Romanowski is actually being quite insulting towards both Jack Del Rio and Oakland’s front office.

If the Raiders were better with McGloin, shouldn’t he have been the team’s starting quarterback all year? If McGloin was better than Carr, why was a second-round draft pick used on Carr when McGloin was already on the team?

It would be one thing for Romanowski to say that the team can still win the Super Bowl. That may not be true, but saying it is not necessarily out of bounds. But to say that Oakland is actually better off isn’t being positive, it’s being outrageous with really nothing to back the claim up.