200 best fantasy football names


The 2023 NFL season is almost here! So, there is no time like the present to start pondering over fun fantasy football names for our upcoming drafts.

If you need a little help conjuring up some funny usernames or cool fantasy football team names for 2023, here are some witty and clever suggestions, with all puns intended, of course.

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fantasy football team names
Robert Hanashiro-USA TODAY

Keep My Team Name Outta Yo Mouth! (Last Year’s Oscars Aftermath lives on)

Joe Buck Yourself!

Keeping Up with the Joneses (Jerry, Aaron, etc.)

Romo’s Crystal Balls (Because who is better at pre-calling plays than Tony Romo?)

Sacks and the City

True or False Start

Victorious Secret

Fourth and Drunk!

Robert Krafty’s Day Spa

Bill Beli-TEXTS

Fresh Prints (Takes on a whole new meaning)

No Punt Intended

Funny Team Name (Yes. That is the name.)

Blood, Sweat, and Beers

Sunday Shanahan-igans

Go Belichick Yourself

Commish Bish!

The Goodell Boys Club

Yellow Flags Everywhere!

Bourbon Meyers (Better than the alternative)

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NFL Quarterbacks: Funny Fantasy Football Team Names:

The Trevorending Story

Saving Matt Ryan

Just a Field of Dreams

Unsolicited Dak Pics

Blocked by Ben Roethlisberger

Baker’s Dozin’

I’ll Make You Jameis

White Pickett Fence

Die on That Tannehill

Quit Joshin’ Around

fantasy football names: josh allen

Ryan’s Hopeless

Zach Wilson and the Cougars

Bake It Until You Make It

Peachy Keenum

Baby Got Dak

Hurts So Good

Dak to the Future

Mahomes Alone

Oh My Aching Dak

Mr. Relevant

Russellin Broncos (Every day he’s Russellin’)

Aaron it Out

Baby You Can Drive my Carr

Will You Murray Me?

Trubisky Business

Sleeping With Cousins

Me and My Mahomies

We Wish You a Murray Christmas

Did I do it Right? (Brady Brand)


Battlestar Garoppolo

Came and Wentz

Wentz-Day Adams

Life’s a Mitch

Goff my Lawn

Here’s my Number, so Call me Brady

Geno’s Seattle Pizza

Kobra Kyler

Hair Apparent (Who’s got the best locks in the NFL?)

Beg, Burrow and Steal

Mandatory Stafford Meeting (Ugh! We hate those!)

Kirkland Brand

Turn Your Head and Goff

Herbie the Love Bug

Sir Lance-A-Lot

Less is Lamar

Tua Much, Tua Little, Tua Late

Justin Time

Mahomes is Ma Castle

Mile High Club

Daniel My Brother

You Can’t Stafford Him

Hit Me Brady One More Time

50 Shades of Trey

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NFL Players: Best Fantasy Football Names

Elite Mother Tuckers (How can you not crack up at this?)

Hello Kittle

Oh Saquon You See

Bijan Frise

Star, Sky and Hutch

The Myles High Club

Run DeForest Run

Beats by DeAndre

My Little Sony

Tell Me Where it Ertz

Who Gives Adams?

best fantasy football names
Jeff Hanisch-USA TODAY Sports

Mo Alie Mo Problems

MeNajee a Trois

Derrick Rolled

Making the Mostert It

Kick in the Butker

All Barkley no Bite

Hot Locketts

Waller in Self Pity

Josh Jacobs Ladder

Robbie Anderson’s Own Personal Hell

Blame it on the Bosa Nova

Punch and Jeudy

Boyds to Men

Thank Evans!

Lambskin Larges

A Jolly Golladay

The Goedert, the Bad and the Ugly

Gallup Poll

McLaurin Order

School of Dawson Knox

Aaron Donald Had a Farm

Here’s to You Allen Robinson

Forgive and Fournette

Hasta Laviska Baby

The Skyy’s the Limit

Von in 60 Seconds

Bourne in the USA

No Hard Thielen’s

Jake Fromm State Farm

My Name is Watt? (Slim Shady has just entered the conversation.)

The Point is Freiermuth

The People’s McCourty

Tres Olaves

Another ‘Quan Bites the Dust

Batman and Dobbins

Little Red Fournette

Bateman Returns

One Marquis Goodbye

Breecus Will Return

Let’s Get Down Tuitt

Thank Godwin

Fresh Prince of Helaire

Tee Price is Right

A, B, CeeDee, F-You

fantasy football names
Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

Antonio Brown’s Departures and Arrivals

Antonio Brown’s Translator

Von Miller Time


Hotel, Motel, Golladay Inn (Say What!)

Hanging with Amari Cooper

Watt’s Up?

What the hEkeler? (WTH?)

Chase on the Case

Baskin Dobbins

Got My JuJu Back

My Back Ertz

Waddle Tua Title


Rubba Chubb Chubb

Hide and Go Zeke

The Hubbard Was Bare

The Love Shaq

Pitts of My Stomach

Koo Are You?

The Office Succop

Dirty Landry

How I Kmet Your Mother

Gaskin Prices on the Rise

Silence of the Lamb

Julio Think You Are?

I Can’t Fight This Thielen

My Kupp Runneth Over

Dalvin Into the Deep End

ARSB Speedwagon

Swift The Gift

Drop it Like it’s Lock

Kittles and Bits (And bits, and bits, and bits!)

Uphill Waddle


Hot Chubb Time Machine

One for the Mooney

Red Solo Kupp

Don’t Hassle the Hock (Thinking of Baywatch yet?)

Kamara, Lights Action

Swaim Old Song and Dance

Shaquill a Mockingbird


Terrell Owens’ Comeback

This Gesicki Beat

Thuney Bone Connected to the Thigh Bone

Green Akers is the Place to Be

McKissic Before Dying

Too Kittle Too Late

He’s Just a Prater Boy

They Went to Jarrett

Another glass of Charbonnet

Chark Attack

The Gould Standard

Micah Drop

You’ve Got to Be McKittying Me!

Say Hello to My Kittle Friend

I’m Just Here so I Don’t Get Fined

Judge Jeudy

Just for Pitts and Giggles

Straight Outta Gronkton

Friends and Etiennemies

NFL Teams: Funny fantasy football names

fantasy football names
Thomas Shea-USA TODAY Sports

Houston, We Have a Problem

Buffalo Hill-Billy’s

Philly Cheesesteak

America’s Most Wanted (Cowboys)

Sleeping in Seattle

Titan Up

Purple Reign

Snoop Dawgpound


K.C. Masterpiece

Your Buccaneers are Under Your Bucc-ing Hat

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