Ben McAdoo throws Eli Manning under the bus

After a frustrating 24-10 loss to the Detroit Lions on Monday night, New York Giants’ head coach Ben McAdoo publicly tore into his quarterback, Eli Manning, during the postgame press conference.

“We have a veteran quarterback who’s played a lot of football. I expect us to get the ball snapped,” McAdoo said when asked about the delay of game penalty Manning took in the fourth quarter.

The delay of game penalty is worth blaming on Manning, but doing so publicly is a bit discerning from the team’s head coach. McAdoo’s job is to support the team. Not publicly berate his guys after a loss in which he bears more than partial responsibility.

Instead of publicly playing the blame game, McAdoo should be apologizing on the podium for the way he coached that game.

Take your share of the responsibility before doling out public criticisms to the face of the franchise. Take responsibility for calling throws short of the sticks twice on fourth down. Take responsibility for mismanaging the clock in the first half. Take responsibility for failing to develop a run game in the two years you’ve been head coach of the New York Giants and the year before that in which you were the offensive coordinator.

When Ben McAdoo does all of that, he can start blaming Eli Manning. And if he’s not willing to take responsibility, then he shouldn’t be head coach in the first place.