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Barry Switzter defends Baker Mayfield, blames Madonna and Michael Jackson

Sooners quarterback Baker Mayfield

Legendary former Oklahoma head coach Barry Switzer has a very interesting take on Baker Mayfield, who got into trouble last week for some lewd behavior.

Speaking about the situation on Saturday before the Sooners’ rivalry game against West Virginia, Switzer defended Mayfield for retaliating in the Kansas game, noting he didn’t initiate the beef with the Jayhawks.

Then he blamed a couple of the most famous pop stars the world has ever known for Mayfield’s infamous crotch grab.

That’s precious.

On the one hand, we can’t help but admire Switzer’s loyalty to one of the best players to ever don a Sooners uniform.

On the other hand, what about personal responsibility, coach?

Mayfield is a hothead, and everyone knows it. And he’s got to learn to temper his emotions, especially if he hopes to succeed at the next level as an NFL quarterback.

In other news, kids should probably avoid playing on Switzer’s lawn any time soon.