Aroldis Chapman might have injured hand in alleged domestic-violence incident, per report

By Jesse Reed

Aroldis Chapman, currently under investigation by MLB for his involvement in an alleged domestic-violence incident this past October, may have injured his hand during the exchange.

Ken Rosenthal of FOX Sports revealed this information Monday night, citing sources.

It’s been an eventful day on the Chapman front.

The outstanding relief pitcher of the Cincinnati Reds was reportedly on his way to the Los Angeles Dodgers in a trade. Then news came out later in the day that he’d been in the aforementioned domestic-violence incident, which is holding the trade up.

According to police reports, Chapman allegedly fired eight shots in the garage of his Miami home in October and “choked” his girlfriend. Though no arrests were made that night, the league has taken the allegations seriously, resulting in the held-up trade and pending investigation.

“MLB will take over responsibility, they’ll look into it and everything publicly will be handled through MLB,” said Walt Jocketty, the team’s president of baseball operations, per

Until Chapman is cleared of these allegations, provided that does occur, the Reds won’t be able to do anything but sit tight and wait. At this point he’s untouchable until the investigation plays out.