Antonio Brown claims victory in bet with Brandon Marshall

What’s more fun than a friendly little luxury car bet between NFL wide receivers? Pittsburgh Steelers pass catcher Antonio Brown and New York Jets’ Brandon Marshall squared off on a simple bet.

The bet itself included the receiver who put up less yards in 2016 would have to gift the other a car.

Needless to say, Brown will win this bet hands-down. He’s put up 1,284 yards through Week 16. Compare that to the 788 Marshall has tallied, and this isn’t a contest. Even with Brown expected to rest in Pittsburgh’s season finale, Marshall would have to break the single-game record (and then a couple hundred yards) to surpass his veteran counterpart.

Brown gently reminded Marshall about their bet by posting this comment to Marshall’s Instagram account.

“ab @bmarshall, you could send me the pink slip, or donate the car to @project375 ! Glad we’re both healthy, mentally and phsically !! #callGod”

Class act there by Brown. We will have to see what Marshall decides. But it appears that he is out of a Porsche, one way or another.