Anthony Lynn drops s-bomb after saying ‘San Diego Chargers’ in introductory press conference

New Los Angeles Chargers head coach Anthony Lynn got off to a rough start at his new gig when he referred to the franchise as the “San Diego Chargers” in his introductory press conference Tuesday.

It was in innocent enough mistake. Especially considering the move to LA was just announced this month, and the Chargers have been in San Diego since 1961.

But what happened next certainly had Lynn, and plenty of other people who were broadcasting his press conference live, sweating a bit.

Let’s just hope Lynn’s stay in Los Angeles goes better than the last new head coach who botched his introductory pressor, Jim Tomsula of the San Francisco 49ers, did. Tomsula was as awkward in his first meeting with the press as a cat in water, and he ended up going one and done with the 49ers in 2015.

Lynn has the tall task of resurrecting a Chargers team that went 9-23 the past two years under Mike McCoy.