Report: Andy Reid ‘had little to no role’ in GM search

Kansas City Chiefs head coach Andy Reid reportedly didn’t have much say about the team’s next general manager after John Dorsey’s exit.

It was kind of a surprise that the team waited until after the draft and the bulk of free agency to let Dorsey go. But Reid not having a seat at the table during the hunt for a new general manager should not come as a big shock. It is good for the head coach and general manager to be of like mind. It is not the end of the world if they do not start on the same page.

Then again, former general manager John Dorsey was Reid’s choice, so maybe this is the team’s way of saying, “We tried your guy, we became good, but we’re still not good enough. We need someone else; someone that can think beyond what you [Reid] thinks.”

So, if the team is putting Dorsey’s shortcomings off on Reid, the move makes sense. But since they did recently extend Reid, it would have made sense to at least seek his input on the next GM. They want to keep Reid around. Having a GM that he can get along with would certainly help make him and the team more successful.